Digital Projection E-Vision Laser 11000 4K-UHD

Digital Projection E-Vision Laser 11000 4K-UHDProduktbeschreibung:

Digital-Projection präsentiert den E-Vision Laser 11000 4K-UHD Projektor.  Er liefert 10.500 Lumen aus einer Laserlichtquelle und erreicht eine Auflösung von 4K-UHD. Er überzeugt mit wartungsfreien und verlustfreien 20.000 Stunden Projektion.

Englische Originalbeschreibung: The E-Vision Laser 10000 4K-UHD delivers a stunning 10,500 lumens from a stable solid-state light source, capable of producing over 20,000 hours of illumination. The 4K UHD resolution delivers stunning detail and image subtlety that only 4K-UHD powered by Texas Instruments DLP chip can. This single chip projector was developed with Fit and Forget’ directive, ensuring it needs only minimal maintenance throughout the lifetime of the display. With display resolutions of  4K-UHD (3840 x 2160) or WQXGA+ (2716 x 1528), this projector offersthe ultimate in flexibility.

Equally compelling is the lack of lamp replacements due to the solid state illumination system. By bypassing regular lamp replacement cycles, almost all costs related to the E-Vision Laser are incurred at time of purchase. This key characteristic allows the E-Vision Laser 10000 4K-UHD to have a much lower cost of ownership over the lifespan of the display.

Combine the exceptional bright, long-life illumination source with a host of other precision features, and you have a projector solution that’s perfectly suited to a diverse range of professional venues. HDMI 2.0  with HDCP 2.2 comes as standard as well as DisplayPort 1.2 with HDCP 2.2 for when you need Frame Sequential and Dual Pipe 3D.

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  • 10,500 Lumen
  • 6,000:1 Kontrast
  • Portrait & Landscape geeignet
  • 4K-UHD Auflösung
  • 20,000 Stunden Lebensdauer der Laserlichtquelle und geringe Folgekosten
  • 1 x 0.67″ WQXGA+ TRP UHD DMD

Digital Projection Art. Nr.: 119-735